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How to survive financially when a relationship ends

There’s no denying that break ups are tough – and not just because of the emotional upheaval. For many people, the end of a long-term relationship also goes hand in hand with financial uncertainty. But if you and your partner decide to call it a day, the good news is that it’s possible to get […]

PAYG Tax Cuts Are Coming

The ATO has confirmed they will issue new PAYG withholding tax schedules next week. Employers will be required to apply the new tax rates effective from 1 October 2016. Any tax overpaid prior to October 2016 will be refunded by the ATO on assessment, after the end of the 2016-17 financial year, as part of […]

Changes to the FMD Scheme

Farm Management Deposits (FMD) are used by primary producers as an effective tax and cashflow planning tool.  They allow primary producers to smooth out fluctuations in business performance and cashflow caused by changes in weather patterns from year to year (ie. drought, flood, hail damage, frost, etc). The scheme allows primary producers to claim a […]

Bank Dividends – Don’t take the dividends for granted

Investors have for a long period of time enjoyed large dividends received by the big four Australian banks and they are now a very popular source of investment as we chase a decent yield or return on our money in a very low interest rate world. However it is the view of a major fund […]

HECS – will they collect it from the dead ?

The Federal government has received a submission recommending that HECS debt be retrieved from the estates of deceased former students. Currently HECs liabilities are distinguished when the person who owes the dead dies or has their life extinguished. Will the HECs system follow us to the grave?

Why a good cash flow can be more important than a big profit

There’s a saying in business, “You can go broke making a profit.” And another, “Cash is king. Profit is theory.” As you know only too well, you don’t pay rent, meet payroll or pay your bills with profit. You pay them with cash. A business can make a lot of sales, have a book full […]